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Possession of Marijuana (POM)

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What is Possession of Marijuana? The most common marijuana arrests are the result of being stopped, detained, or arrested for other charges. Upon a search by the officer, marijuana is usually found in a person's pocket, bag, or their car.

Another common arrest scenario for Possession of Marijuana is during a traffic stop, where the officer either smells marijuana, or a bag of marijuana is carelessly left in the car, in plain view.

What makes Possession of Marijuana illegal? Texas Health and Safety Code. § 481.121. makes it illegal for a person to knowingly or intentionally possesses a usable quantity of marijuana.

What are Possession of Marijuana Punishments? While many states are decriminalizing marijuana possession when carried for personal use under an ounce (decriminalization meaning still illegal, but punishable only with a fine), Texas is sticking to its guns for now.

Possession of 2oz or less of Marijuana is a Class B Misdemeanor, punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a fine not more than $2000. The more marijuana possessed, the more harsh the punishment. For instance, 2-4oz is a Class A misdemeanor, meaning up to one year and/or $4000 fines. Between 4oz and 5lbs begins the Felony Marijuana Charges.

How We Can Help You! If you're a first time offender or a student, our MAIN GOAL IS TO GET YOUR CASE DISMISSED. While there are no guarantees, our focus to to keep a conviction off your record, allowing for an Expunction later on.

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Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer - Why We're Different - Possession of Marijuana Laws can be confusing if you have never dealt with the Criminal Justice System before. To aid in dealing with the anxiety and confusion with a Possession of Marijuana Arrest, we believe a client is entitled to be informed of everything that is happening with respect to the client’s case -- not remain in the dark concerning investigation, pending motions, and strategies. Mr. Keates works closely with each client to promote open communication, empowering Clients with the knowledge and information to effectively assist in the representation of the case.

Possession of Marijuana and Drug Offenses in the State of Texas are not only serious, but can carry severe punishments as well. Whether you are arrested or charged with possession of a drug such as Marijuana, or if your are caught selling Marijuana, you need to act quickly in hiring the right lawyer.

In Texas, Possession of Marijuana in the amount of two ounces or less is a Class B Misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of six months in the county jail, along with up to $2000 of fines. Larger amounts, even for personal use, increase the jail time and fines.

As experienced Possession of Marijuana Attorneys, we effectively and efficiently handle Marijuana cases, specifically the Austin area. By contacting us, you will find experienced Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers who know Possession of Marijuana law.

Possession of Marijuana Arrest Lawyer in Austin, Texas - Marijuana Possession arrests have routinely been one of the most numerous types of arrest and criminal conviction throughout the United States, ranging from a small amount of Marijuana to just under an ounce, and even larger. Possession of Marijuana arrests continue to wreak havoc on the American public, and not just college students or young adults; Police arrested 847,864 persons for marijuana violations in 2008, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's annual Uniform Crime Report.

Do I Need a Marijuana Lawyer for a Possession of Marijuana Charge or Arrest? - While the trend across the US seems to be reducing or decriminalizing Marijuana Possession under an ounce for personal use, Possessing Marijuana can still be a negative factor when considering your criminal record, court dates, court ordered rehabilitation programs, and fines. It is always best to speak with a lawyer to go over your options and choose how to proceed, such as deferred adjudication, deferred disposition, pretrial diversion, deferrals, and dismissals.

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