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DWI Defense Guide

DWI Terms

(Common DWI terms, such as BAC, line hugging, and retrograde extrapolation)

DWI Defenses
(Problems with mouth alcohol, absence of slope detectors, and retrograde extrapolation)

Walkthrough of a Typical DWI Stop & Arrest
(From traffic stop to arrest and FSTs)

DWI Sobriety Field Tests (FSTs) & Physiological DWI Tests
(Walk the line, stand and count, nose touch, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and why do officers shine a light in my eyes?)

DMV License Suspension after DWI
(Will the DMV Suspend my driver's license, and how to prevent suspension)

How a Breathalyzer Works
(Mechanisms and science behind breathalyzer models)

Explaining Blood Alcohol Levels (BAC)
(What does the .08% BAC mean? How many drinks is that?)

Common DWI Questions & FAQ
(Should I take a blood test or blood? What if I refuse the breath test? Do they have to dismiss my case? Can I be arrested after drinking one beer, or arrested with a bac lower than .08%?)

Travis County & Texas DWI Statistics, Studies and Research
(DWI Statistics, studies, and DWI research county by county in Texas)

Punishments for a Texas DWI Offense

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Law Office of Robert Keates - Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer offering Student Discounts, Reduced Fees, and Payment Plans in Austin and San Marcos

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