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The Law Office of Robert Keates handles a broad spectrum of criminal defense trials and cases, ranging from misdemeanors to felony charges. 100% of our practice is Austin criminal defense in nature, allowing us to focus only on defending you.

We are an Austin, Travis County Criminal Defense Law Firm defending criminal cases for DWI, Marijuana Possession, POCS, Drug Delivery, Thefts, Assaults, and Felony & Misdemeanor Arrests.

Serving Austin and surrounding areas, including Travis County, and San Marcos, Hays County.


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As Austin Attorneys, we strive to achieve the best possible results for your case; whether that's avoiding a conviction on Possession of Marijuana or Theft case, or getting your Suspended Driver's License back so you can drive legally. If your focus is to stay out of jail for a DWI, or try to keep a Felony or Misdmemeanor off your criminal record by seeking a Dismissal, we tailor our approach to your needs.



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We believe that you, as the defendant, are an integral part of the criminal defense system. You are in charge, selecting well-informed goals and choices throughout the process. We begin each case with an in-depth review of the police reports and discovery, supplemented by filing discovery motions and subpoenas for more detailed evidence. If there is an issue -- or several evidence issues -- that could potentially present a defense at trial (or suppression hearing), we review that with you. If the evidence and investigation leads to little evidence in your favor, or if the prosecution can prove the offense -- we don't stop. We begin negotiations to attempt for a reduction or dismissal. Especially for student, young adults, and first time offenders, our goal is to have the case dismissed. That way, you're eligible for an expunction (which is where your record is destroyed and cleared).

Please browse our site, including some of our latest web page additions, such as 4th amendment search and seizure laws and violations, 5th amendment Miranda right violations, 6th amendment right to counsel violations, and legal terms and definitions. Learn whether your rights have been violated during a warrant search, search incident to arrest, and even searches of bags or backpacks. Home searches and consent searches are discussed as well, including when an officer may search without consent or search a car based on probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

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We offer no interest payment plans on all of our legal fees. We understand that many people charged with a crime in Austin or San Marcos are students -- or have better things to spend money on than attorney legal fees. We offer low deposits on all cases, due by the first court date. After that first initial court date, we can spread out the remaining balance over several months.

We accept all major credit cards and offer no interest payment plans and affordable rates. We also offer student discounts with payment plans.

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We will represent your interest and case by seeking to have the charges reduced or dismissed, interviewing law enforcement and witnesses to expose and bring to light any exaggerations, false statements, or lies. We will also ensure that all evidence uncovered during the investigation was obtained lawfully, without any violations of your constitutional rights, and will conduct a detailed analysis during pre-trial discussions to make certain defense evidence is gathered for use at trial.

We will seek and explore hiring expert witnesses to further the defense, and when appropriate, negotiate with prosecutors to allow for fair treatment under the law. We know the law and know how to apply it in the courtroom to get results. We provide Austin Texas with aggressive criminal defense representation on felony and misdemeanor cases and trials.

Call today for a free case evaluation and free legal consultation to protect your rights and determine whether your case has any legal issues, such as search and seizure violations, privacy violations, Miranda rights, 4th Amendment and 5th Amendment violations, as well as the 6th Amendment of the United States and Texas Constitution.

All initial phone consultations are free, confidential, without obligation. Call with questions about your case in Austin or San Marcos.



Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Keates has experience defending against arrest and criminal charges, including POM, POCS, DWI, DWLI, Theft, Family Assaults and Minor/Underage Drinking offenses such as PI, MIP, MIC, False ID, and Open Container.

Located in downtown Austin Texas, Lawyer Robert Keates can help you through the complex Travis County Criminal Justice System, be it through arrest, bail settings and reductions, plea bargaining and negotiations, pretrial, petitions, motions to suppress evidence, motion to dismiss, motion for retrial, or motion for expunction of record.

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Austin Possession of Marijuana Lawyer

The Law Office of Robert Keates, practicing in Austin, Travis County, Texas represents the arrested and accused on POM Possession of Marijuana cases, Possession of Controlled Substance POCS cases, and Prescription Pills defense.

Throughout the Country, Marijuana Reform, Decriminalization, and Legalization is on the ballot each year, with more and more Counties and States following popular public sentiment that marijuana should NOT betreated like other illicit, illegal drugs. Texas, however, is far behind on that trend. Depending on the County, a simple Possession of Marijuana can result in Conviction, Probation, Counseling, high fines and court costs, and often even jail time.

Luckily, Austin and Travis County permits one of the more fair approaches to Possession of Marijuana (POM), falling in line with the majority of other enlightened areas of the Country -- but Marijuana is still illegal, and possessing it, even in Austin or Travis County, can be costly.

Marijuana Possession, abbreviated often as POM (for Possession of Marijuana), has several consequences aside from whether a case is Dismissed, Deferred, Adjudicated, or ends with a Conviction. State laws, although technically geographically enacted in Austin, incorporatethe needs and sentiment of Texas in general, and therefore can be quite severe when dealing with Marijuana POM arrests and cases.

If Convicted of a Possession of Marijuana offense, DPS (Department of Public Safety, akin to other states' DMV Offices) will suspend that person's Driver's License, usually for 180 days. That suspension will last until the person takes and completed the Drug Offender Education Program; a 15 hour class concerning Drugs and Addiction.

Second -- and more importantly -- a Conviction for Possession of Marijuana will remain on your record for the rest of your life. Contrary to popular belief, there is no 'drop-off' date at which convictions in Texas will cease showing up on a Criminal Background Check. A Conviction for a Class B Misdemeanor or higher, as the law stands now (2012), cannot be expunged, except through a Governor's Pardon.

Marijuana Possession Defenses

We use the same approach to every Possession of Marijuana and POM case. First, we request full discovery, which includes demands for police reports, witness statements, videos, audio, in car patrol videos, and drug lab tests. Once we've compliled all the evidence and discovery, the Law Office of Robert Keates investigates whether the prosecution can meet their burden and prove their case. We don't merely look to see if the POM evidence is there; we review the evidence from several angles, including chances at a Jury Trial, potential Motions to Supress Evidence due to Illegal Searches, Illegal Seizures, and Warrantless Stops. We also consider whether there was unlawful procedures by the police, unnamed confidential sources, and other potential defense witnesses. lastly, we look at the lab results to see if they are accurate and if the controlled substance or marijuana is a useable amount.

If there are legal issues in your favor that might amount to a defense, we talk about the options and lay out your chances of success to beat the marijuana POM or POCS case. If there are no issues in your favor, or if it appears the prosecution can prove the case fairly easily, then we begin negotiations. We cater our plea bargaining to your needs, whether that's no or little jail, probation, or keeping a POM off of your record. Several options are available for POM cases, especially those arrested for the first time (first time offenders).

Most common, if the prosecutors can be convinced to offer it, is a Reduction to a Class C Drug Paraphrenalia ticket. Often, the Law Office of Robert Keates can arrange to have the Drug Paraphrenalia ticket (PDP) dismissed as well. We try to limit the fines and court costs, as well as any potential classes or community service that might be part of plea negotiations on a POM Marijuana case. Another option is Deferred Prosecution or Pretrial Diversion, although these are more difficult to obtain than a reduction from a Class B Possession to Marijuana to a Class C Drug Paraphrenalia ticket.

Lastly, there are the options of probation or deferred adjudication probation, although in Travis County and Austin, it's been quite a while since a first time (or even second time) offender has been given probation for a POM. A more severe sentence would be a Conviction, which means the defendant enters a plea of No Contest or Guilty. A conviction bars a person from being able to Expunge the offense later on. Because of that law, the Law Office of Robert Keates strives to argue and push for dismissals or reductions with dismissals on all POM cases, so that you can later have the POM Possession of Marijuana arrest dismissed.

Possession of a Controlled Substance POCS Defenses: POCS means Possession of a Controlled Substance, which references a large list of drugs and illicit illegal drugs in Texas, from Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Opiates, to LSD and Psilosybian Mushrooms. Often there are two major methods of challenging a POCS arrest. First, the stop, detention, or search is challenged as being an unlawful search and seizure. Illegal Searches by Officers and Police may occur if the officer believes there is probable cause to search, when in fact there is no probable cause. Or, a POCS arrest can happen when a person is stopped illegally, which then leads to a lawful search -- negated by the initial illegal search. In such sitations, attorneys and lawyers at Keates Law Office argue and file Motions to Supress the Evidence. Second, a challenge can be made that the amount of narcotics, drugs, or controlled substances are not enough to actual use, or an unusable amount. This means there is only small, trace amounts, of drugs, and not enough to warrant a POCS arrest.

Illegal Drugs and Possession of a Controlled Substance POCS: In Travis County, Austin, Texas, the most common types of Possession of a Controlled Substance POCS drugs typically found are Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine (Meth), and Prescription Pills that are possessed without a valid prescription. The most common prescription drug POCS arrests are for (ambien, dilaudid, and xanax. Quite often POCS arrests and cases also involce methamphetamine desoxyn, or adderall and oxycontin ). There are hundreds of other drugs on the controlled substances lists (Schedules) in the Texas Penal Code, so call us if you have specific questions about a drug on a POCS case.

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