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The Keates Law Firm handles a broad spectrum of Austin, Travis County criminal defense trials and cases, ranging from misdemeanor arrests to felony arrests.

100% of our practice is Austin criminal defense in nature, allowing the attorney to focus only on defending you. Our primary Criminal Defense Law Office is located in Austin, Travis County, where we defend criminal arrests for DWI, Marijuana Possession, POCS, Marijuana and Drug Delivery, Thefts, Assault Family Violence, and Felony & Misdemeanor Arrests.

We strive to achieve the best possible results for your case; whether that's trying to avoiding a conviction on a Possession of Marijuana or Theft arrest, or trying to avoid further suspensions on a Driving While License Invalid arrest. As your lawyer we tailor our approach to your needs. Serving Austin, Travis County for all your criminal defense lawyer needs.

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Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer here in Austin is the first step in defending your criminal arrest case. As your Criminal Defense lawyer, we begin with an in-depth review of the police reports and evidence, supplemented by filing discovery motions and subpoenas for more detailed evidence. We begin negotiations to attempt for a reduction or dismissal. Especially for student, young adults, and first time Criminal Defense offenders, our goal is to have the case dismissed. That way, you're generally eligible for an expunction (which is where your record is Ordered destroyed and cleared).

Call today for a free case evaluation and legal consultation with an Austin Criminal Defense lawyer to protect your rights and determine whether your case has any legal issues. All initial consultations are with a licensed Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer.

All initial phone consultations are free, confidential, without obligation with an Austin Criminal Defense lawyer -- not a secretary. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE PHONE CONSULTATION AT 512-761-5297

Marijuana Offenses

Possession of Marijuana Defense, POM, Paraphrenalia, Delivery of Marijuana...

Drug Offenses

Possession of Controlled Substance, POCS, Delivery, Manufacturing, Dangerous Drugs...

Theft Offenses

Theft, Shoplifting, Theft by Check, Burglary, UUMV, Robbery, Theft of Service...

DWI and Alcohol

DWI, Driving While Intoxicated, DWI2, DWI3, Public Intoxication, Open Container...

Driver's License Suspensions

DWLI, DWLS, Driving While License Suspended, Invalid, Occupational Licenses...

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Assault, Aggravated Assault, Family Assault, Assault Family Violence, Weapons, Robbery...

Expunctions & Criminal Records

Expunctions, Expungement, Motions for Nondisclosure, Juvenile Sealing of Records...

Underage Drinking Offenses

Minor in Possession, Consumption, Public Intoxication, MIP, MIC, Misrepresentation...

Other Offenses

Trespassing, Vandalism, Evading Arrest, Computer Crimes, Probation Revocations...

Payment Plans, Low Rates and Lawyer Fees, and Discounts for Students, Military, and First Time Offenders.

We offer no interest payment plans on all of our Criminal Defense lawyer legal fees. We offer low deposits on all cases, due by the first court date before any appearances by the lawyer. After that first initial court date, we can spread out the remaining balance over several months.

We accept all major credit cards and offer no interest payment plans and affordable rates. We also offer student discounts with payment plans.

Possession of Marijuana - Common Austin, Travis County Criminal Arrests

Throughout the Country, Marijuana Reform is on the ballot each year. However, with Marijuana Possession of drug arrests, Texas is behind on that trend. Possession of Marijuana can result in Conviction, Probation, fines and court costs, and often even jail time.

Luckily, Austin and Travis County permits one of the more fair approaches to Possession of Marijuana (POM) -- but Marijuana is still illegal, and an arrest can be costly. If convicted of Possession of Marijuana, Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety, akin to other states' DMV Offices) will suspend that person's Driver's License, usually for 180 days. A Conviction for Marijuana Possession will remain on your record for the rest of your life.

However, Possession of Marijuana consequences can be avoided if the case is dismissed or reduced. Because of that law, Lawyer Robert Keates strives to argue and push for dismissals or reductions, so that you might later have the Possession of Marijuana arrest expunged.

All initial phone consultations are free, confidential, without obligation with a lawyer -- not a secretary. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE PHONE CONSULTATION AT 512-761-5297

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5 out of 5 stars

Robert Keates is a marvelous attorney!

Reviewer: Laura W. - March 9, 2016

Keates Law Firm Robert Keates is a marvelous attorney! I had reached out to over 20 lawyers for representation and he was the only one who responded. He has kept me very well informed through every step of the process and has always responded to my texts within minutes/hours. Robert has gone out of his way on several occasions to meet me during my lunch break and discuss my case/options in depth. He was more than prepared and encouraged going to trial. My experience with Mr. Keates has restored my faith in legal representation who actually cares about my life and my time. Robert has truly surpassed all expectations and I highly recommend his services! In fact, I have referred him to several friends and family members already. Thank you again! Also, he is very affordable!

Visit date: March 2016


Keates Law Firm
5 stars - "Thank You So Much!" I meet Mr Keates, today when I went to court he is a blessing from up above, Thank you for everything he's the best attorney in Texas!!!! I have meet many Attorney's in my day, and I am glad to say Mr Keates has changes my opinion. I've never meet a more honest straight forward man. Thank you so much for your help and time and making my situation a priority. I've never referred an attorney but if you need one call this man he goes above and beyond.