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Typically, Community Service Hours can be done at any Non-Profit Organization, as long as it is NOT a school or church or political campaign. It's best to call ahead at your preferred Community Service Locations, to check scheduling and see if they will accept you. Many places have rules concerning Court-mandated Community Service, and may not accept people with certain pending charges. Also, some locations have different tasks for Court-mandated service, so be sure to let them know it's in reference to a court case.

Make sure that you AND the non-profit organizations both keep track of your hours. Most places have sign in sheets. At the completion of your hours, you will need a letter on agency or organization letterhead indicating that you completed the set number of hours, along with a short description of what you did, and contact information. That letter must be turned in to the court, and it's always good to send a copy to your lawyer, in case of any issues that may later arise. Your attorney can also turn in the paperwork to the court for you.

You may complete your community service hours at different locations and organizations.

*For Municipal Court Cases: The Austin and San Marcos Municipal Court may require community service hours to be logged/volunteered at specific places. Ask us for details.

*For Austin Community Court, check sites/default/files/files/ Municipal_Court/adult- community-service-south-east- austin-locations.pdf or default/files/files/Municipal_ Court/adultcommsvcsoaustin.pdf .

Even if your case is not at the Municipal Court, you may select a non-profit from their list, at Otherwise, you can find a large list of Austin area non-profit agencies at:

You can also try a few websites that list Community Service Locations, although they are all third party sites. They include: United We Serve (, VolunteerMatch (, and (

If you need suggestions for community service hours outside of the Austin area, please visit or These are also 3rd party sites, and may contain advertisements, but it does host a large directory of locations in many areas of Texas.

If they request a letter from the court/attorney, I can send one to you.

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