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ODL Instructions


What You'll Need Ahead of Time

  • Most Judge's are now requiring a copy of your Driver's License Record, which you can order online for $6 at: You will need the '3-year History Record (Type 2)' record.
  • Most judges' also ask for pay-stubs or a letter from work to verify that you'll need the license for work purposes.
  • Proof of SR22 Insurance.

General Info & What to Expect

An Occupational Driver's Licenses requires a written petition to be filed along with an Order from the Judge, which I'll being working on. The Petition must be notarized and then filed with the District Clerk. So once I finish writing the Petition and Order,

I'll email you a copy of it. You'll need to have it notarized and then return the forms to me. For an Occupational License you'll need to obtain SR22 insurance, which can be added to your existing insurance.

There are several DPS fees associated with the ODL. DPS requires a $10 fee per year (max of 2 years per order), and usually a $100 reinstatement fee ($125 if there has been a DWI conviction/suspension w/i the past 5 years). Depending on other driving type offenses, there could be other reinstatement fees, but you can also check the status of your surcharges at: (There is commonly an additional $100 reinstatement fee if you've had insurance lapses, or have out of state tickets or license holds). Also, can offer more information on your reinstatement fees.

Most judges require you to carry a certified copy of the Order with you while operating a motor vehicle, along with a log book noting each trip of actual and essential need.

Finalizing the ODL

The last step (once the Judge signs the Petition/Order and it's filed) is to mail all the required materials to DPS. They now only accept Occupational Driver's Licenseapplications by mail. The items that need to be included in the packet to DPS are:

  • The certified copy of the court order granting the occupational license. (keep a copy of the Order for yourself, in your car)
  • An original SR-22 certificate of insurance. SR22 is the only accepted Insurance by DPS for ODL's. Sometimes the form is pink.
  • A $10 license fee for a one-year license or, a 2-year license for $20, in the form of a casher's check or money order payable to Texas DPS;
  • A statutory reinstatement fee payable to DPS in the amount of $100, in the form of a casher's check or money order payable to Texas DPS.

DPS requires all reinstatement fee(s) be paid prior to the issuance of the occupational or restricted license, and needs them included with the above materials. You can include the full total on one cashier's check or money order. As I mentioned, the reinstatement fee could be higher if you owe back surcharges for suspended licenses or DWI's.

A copy of the Order is valid as your license for 30 days, until you get the actual occupational license from DPS -- although lately DPS has been taking longer than 30 days.

Lastly, once the packet is complete, you mail the entire packet (Items 1-5 above) to:

Enforcement & Compliance Bureau, Occupational License Section - Texas Department of Public Safety. Box 15999, Austin, Texas 78761-5999

It is always our advice to mail this packet Certified, Return Receipt.

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