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Our Law Firm offers a Free Consultation on your pending criminal case or legal issue. Please select a method for your consultation below.

Our Consultations

Please note that our consultations are only for your pending criminal case or legal issue in Travis County or Hays County. We DO NOT practice outside of those Counties, and cannot offer legal analysis on other counties. The main reason for this is that each county tends to have different local rules.

What is included in your Free Consultation?

We will provide you with an analysis of your charge or issue, and how we might be able to help if we are retained. This includes strategy, common issues, defenses, and potential outcomes. We will answer questions you have as well, and will provide a quote. The quote will also be accompanied (if applicable) with an estimate of filing fees, fines, and other costs.

Our consultations do not include advice on how to handle your own case, or details on what might happen if you represent yourself.

Lastly, please keep in mind that during the consultation, we have not reviewed any reports or discovery/evidence. We can only provide insight based on your information. No guarantees or "percentages" are given during consultations as to any outcomes.

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