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What is Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor

The Furnishing of Alcohol to a Minor is where a person of legal age furnishes an alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21.

What makes Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor illegal?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Sec. 106.06. Purchase of Alcohol for a Minor; Furnishing of Alcohol to a Minor indicates that a person commits an offense if the person purchases an alcoholic beverage for or gives or makes available an alcoholic beverage to a minor.

What are Public Intoxication Punishments?

For individuals arrested for Furnishing of Alcohol, the offense is a Class A Misdemeanor, meaning the individual could face up to one year in state jail and fines of up to $4000.

Common Criminal Cases Involving Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor Arrests:

The most common the Furnishing of Alcohol arrests are the result of a friend or relative purchasing alcohol for a minor, where the minor is arrested and tells officers where the alcohol came from, thereby allowing the officer to arrest the furnisher. Another common scenario is a bartender or retail store clerk knowingly selling alcohol to a person underage. Of interest is subsection (b), allowing a parent or guardian to purchase and serve alcohol to their children as long as the consumption is in their presence.

How a Lawyer Can Help!

Hiring a Lawyer can mean the difference between a dismissal and conviction. A Lawyer knows the law. A Lawyer can gauge the strength of the case, and a lawyer can research legal issues, such as illegal searches, procedure, and supression motions. A lawyer can protect your rights. Plus, a lawyer can typically go to court for you. Lawyer Fees end up often being cheaper than paying the fine, going to court, missing work, paying for parking, court costs, surcharges, etc... Don't go to Court until you at least speak with a Lawyer.

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