Assault Defense Lawyer

Assault Arrest in Travis County


What is Assault?

Assault can range from a Class C Assault, for the most minor cases, all the way up to Felony Assaults, Aggravated Assault, and Assaults with Bodily Injury.

Punishment and Sentencing for Assault:

Due to the vast nature and diversity of assault cases, the punishment for Assault depends on the classification of the Charge. For Misdemeanors, Assault can be punishable by either a fine for Class C Misdemeanor Assault, to County Jail for Class A Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor B Assaults. Felony Assaults are more serious, with potential State Jail or Prison.

Common Assault Cases:

Common Assault cases typically include fights at schools, colleges, or fights with weapons, and even gang assaults.

Defenses to Assault:

Some of the more common defenses to assaultive conduct includes consent (Sec. 22.06) and self-defense.

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