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The first step to clearing your criminal record is to determine whether you're eligible for an Expunction, Motion for Non Disclosure, Sealing Juvenile Records, Texas Governor's Pardon, or a Presidential Pardon. An Attorney can help guide you, but our Attorney has outlined the basics below.

  • If your case was Dismissed, you may be eligible for an Expunction;
  • If your case was Dismissed AND you were on Deferred Adjudication for an offense more serious than a Class C Misdemanor, then you may be eligible for a Motion for Nondisclosure.
  • If you suffered a conviction with either a plea of Guilty or No Contest (on an offense more serious than a Class C), or after a trial, then you are not eligible for an Expunction, but potentially could be in the future if a Texas Governor's Pardon is granted.
  • Lastly, if the offense was committed before your 17th birthday, you potentially are eligible to Seal your Juvenile Records

Did you know that the State of Texas sells your criminal arrest and conviction information to over 25 private businesses and agencies when you're arrested? In addition, your Arrest and Criminal History is kept by the Courthouse, Police, and even the Jails. Criminal Arrests and Court Cases in Texas remain on your record forever, popping up on Criminal History Background Checks when applying for employment, loans, occupational trade certifications, and more. Whether you're seeking an Expunction, Motion for Non Disclosure, Sealing Juvenile Records, Texas Expungement, or a Governor's Pardon, an Attorney can help.

There are several ways to clear an arrest from a criminal background check:

Although it depends on the manner in which the case was resolved, the following may help you figure out where to find more details about Clearing Your Criminal Record before calling an Attorney:

If the case was Dismissed without probation, or a Jury reached a Not Guilty verdict, then the case should be eligible for Expunction. For general purposes, such as applying for jobs, an expunged arrest will not appear on a background check, however there are limitations. Read more in the Expunction Section.

If there was Deferred Adjudication Probation, and that probation was successfully completed, then the case should be eligible to be sealed from the general public, via a Motion for NonDisclosure.

If it was a Juvenile Case, the case might have been automatically sealed, depending on the outcome in Juvenuile Court. Read more about Sealing a Texas Juvenile Record.

If the case ended in a Conviction, then the only way to clear that offense would be to seek a Texas Governor's Pardon.

If you don't know, contact the Law Offices of Robert Keates to determine whether you are eligible to clear your Criminal Record.

To get started, you'll need the following before a Petition for Expunction can be filed:

Complete Texas DPS Criminal History - Click here to Download the PDF application and instructions from the DPS Website)

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