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Probation Revocations in Travis County


Probation Revocations and Violations

What is a Probation Revocation?

Probation Revocations are where a person's probation is being violated or contested by the Court and Probation. In other words, an Application to Revoke Probation means that the Court and Probation believe that a person has broken one of the rules of Probation.

What are the Punishments of Probation Revocations and Violations?

The potential punishments vary for an Probation Revocation, and can range from a simple reinstatement with a warning, to prison time. The penalty ranges for a Probation Revocation depend on the type of case and the limits imposed when Probation was accepted.

Probation Revocations are difficult to defend, since it's easier for the probation department to prove than a traditional criminal case. A Preponderance of the Evidence is used, rather than Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

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