Underage Drinking & Alcohol Attorney

Underage Drinking Attorney & Alcohol Offenses

There are several offenses under the umbrella of Underage Drinking in Texas. Any of the crimes dealing with alcohol or obtaining alcohol by a person under the age of 21, will be treated as an Underage Drinking Crime -- even if the minor is not possessing alcohol (for instance, a Fake ID offense).

All of the Underage Drinking Crimes are Class C Misdmeanors, punishable by a fine up to $500. However, Texas law now contains more severe penalties for minors convicted of an Underage Drinking offense.

Most notably is the suspension of the minor's Texas Driver' License -- or, if they do not yet have a license, then loss of the ability to get a Texas Driver's License for the durtation of the suspension.

Imagine being arrested and convicted for public intoxication when you're 18 years old. Then imagine, at age 45, you apply for a big promotion at your job, and are denied because that arrest and conviction for public intoxication showed up!

Scenarios such as that outline the major reason to speak with a Lawyer skilled and experienced in getting YOUR CASE DISMISSED to AVOID A CONVICTION ON YOUR RECORD. Our Lawyers focus on trying to have your case dismissed as earliest as possible.

While every case is different, and a Dismissal is not guaranteed, we have a successful history of either having cases dismissed or negotiating a dismissal.

Another concern for students and young adults is the potential loss of financial aid (FASFA) and also academic consequences at your College. You need a Lawyer who knows which charges trigger those negative consequences, to help you avoid losing your scholarships!

Our Lawyers offer legal representation to students and young adults in the Austin, Travis County area, as well as San Marcos, Hays County, for offenses typical of the College Student: Public Intoxication and Underage Drinking offenses. We offer low rates, student discounts, and monthly payment plans with no interest.

Aside from our Austin, Travis County Location, our Attorney also represents individuals arrested or facing charges in San Marcos, Hays County.

We know the schedule of students can be time consuming and hectic. As an additional service to students and young adults, our Lawyers often will come to you during face-to-face meetings. Many students find it easier and more practical to meet at UT, Texas State, or a local Starbucks, rather than trek to our downtown office and pay for parking. With that in mind, we're happy to meet at a mutually convenient location. Of course, our Attorney is available by phone at any time and certainly after normal business hours.

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